We have a closely-knit family of employees that works together to further the needs and dreams of those who rely on Intervention for Peace. Our array of services (often referred to as a menu) allow Consumers and their support teams to choose and enjoy the programs that will be most beneficial and provide quality enrichment. The services provided to individuals offer solutions for physical, medical, behavioral, mental health and community related issues.

Menu of Services


Our dedicated group of Difference Makers (Providers) take pride in assisting and caring for individuals daily. Providers are given timely and quality training which meets DODD standards, and are mandated to re-certify each year to maintain compliance. IFP offers and completes all aspects of training utilizing both in-house and online methods, so no experience is needed to apply! We are proud of our direct care staff and are always adding new members to our Team. Are you a Difference Maker? Learn more here.


Gainful employment is an important aspect of life for those with developmental disabilities, and the Medina community has stepped forward to pave the way for new and exciting opportunities! Peaceworks, in partnership with IFP, provides various aspects of employment through Spokes Café, Planet Joy Art Studio, and Sprouts of Peace.


When applicable, we offer a variety of different housing options in Medina and the surrounding area. Consumers can take pride in working towards independence and building life skills, with emphasis on enjoying a clean home.