Peaceworks is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that partners with local Medina businesses to offer gainful employment for individuals with developmental disabilities. We focus on integrating individuals into their community by teaching valuable skill sets and providing opportunities for social interaction, all while empowering them to learn and grow. Learn more on our website 

Spoke Cafes

Partnering with Cool Beans Café and several community businesses, Spokes Café offers two locations for individuals to grow—Medina and Montville. Employees receive training on cash registers, drink preparation, baking, tracking & inventory supply, bike rental and proper café upkeep. The community can enjoy live music nights, storytime, and can catch us at the local farmer’s markets, too! Individuals expand their social skills and enjoy community involvement.

Planet Joy

One of the most unique features of Peaceworks is Planet Joy, an in-house art studio attached to Intervention for Peace. Modeled heavily after Passion Works in Athens, Ohio, Planet Joy seeks to spread art into our local community and beyond.

Makers of all skill and ability levels are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of mixed-media initiatives—these are then moved into the community (currently, art is featured at both Spokes locations; additional community locations are forthcoming).

Planet Joy features art and expression of all kinds: painting, drawing, sewing, creative storytelling, puppetry, art installation and song. What’s more, there are no instructions or restrictions; makers freely choose projects and materials and often work collaboratively to bring pieces to life!

Lawn Care

Individuals maintain lawn environments both at residential and commercial locations for Peaceworks; learning to safely and effectively use various tools (like lawnmowers) creates confidence in self-care and a job well done.